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Game Description

The Latest Adventure in the Spiderman Universe

In the latest installment of the Spiderman universe, we follow the journey of teenager Miles Morales as he navigates his new home and embraces his role as the new Spider-Man. Inspired by his mentor, Peter Parker, Miles must learn to balance his personal life with the responsibilities that come with his newfound powers.

Adjusting to a New Home

Miles Morales finds himself in a new environment, facing the challenges of adapting to a different neighborhood and school. As he settles into his new life, he discovers that being Spider-Man is not just about fighting crime, but also about making a positive impact on his community.

The Power Struggle

However, Miles soon realizes that his new home is under threat from a powerful and dangerous force. A fierce power struggle emerges, putting the safety of his loved ones and the entire city at risk. As the stakes escalate, Miles must confront his own fears and doubts to become the hero his city needs.

Through this gripping adventure, Miles Morales learns the true meaning of his mentor’s famous mantra: “With great power, there must also come great responsibility.” He discovers that being a hero goes beyond the flashy powers and exciting battles; it is about using his abilities to protect and uplift those around him.

Join Miles Morales on his thrilling journey as he embraces his destiny as the new Spider-Man and learns what it truly means to be a hero.

Game Specifications

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PS-4, PS-5



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50 GB

Voice Language

English, French, German, Italian

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Rs. 414Rs. 475 (-100%)

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