Rs. 700Rs. 1,660 (-99%)


Rs. 700Rs. 1,660 (-99%)


Game Description

Unearth a dark mystery when ritualistic murders terrify Bright Falls, a small-town in the Pacific Northwest. FBI Agent Saga Anderson, renowned for her incredible detective work, arrives to investigate the murders. Anderson’s case soon becomes surreal as she reads a horror story that begins to come true. AlanWake, a writer locked in a nightmarish realm, is crafting a tale to alter reality and break free.

Both Anderson and Wake battle the horror hunting them, struggling to keep their sanity as they seek to be the heroes needed. The horror story corrupts the locals and puts Anderson and Wake’s loved ones in danger.

Light is their only defense and refuge in the face of the supernatural darkness. Can they overcome the story and break out of the monsters and victims?

Solve this deadly mystery as you play as two characters in two realities, discover two captivating worlds, and battle the darkness with light.

Game Specifications

Additional information

Your Console

PS-4, PS-5


Adventure, Horror

Approx. Game Size

100 GB

Voice Language

English, French

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Rs. 700Rs. 1,660 (-99%)

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